My Story

It seems to me that every new thing I learn about photography makes me enjoy it even more. With photography, I get to turn the mundane into something beautiful. I can capture the beauty of the world in one shot and tell an entire story with one picture.

When the camera cards filled up, my photography stopped for a period of time. After taking a photography class as a sophomore in college, however, I found anew my passion. I received my first digital camera shortly after. I discovered everything that goes into making a great photo - lighting, subject matter, format, etcetera - and fell in love with the entire process.

In short, I’m addicted to photography, and I would spend all day doing it if I could. Around age 10 I wanted to own a camera. Settling for borrowing my sisters' cameras until I was given my own at age 12, I photographed everything

I was born and raised in the great state of Michigan. I have a BA in Art from Benedictine College, my prime focus being Photography. I love horses and the country. The number one word my friends and family use to describe me as is "funny", and I often laugh at myself right along with them. I like having fun, going on adventures, and trying new things.

My name is Anna Cimbalista.

What motivates me is seeing my own progress in my photography. I often get lost in time when I work. What feels like twenty minutes in the lab during post-production turns out to be three hours. And I have no regrets. I love what I do, and I love sharing my passion with others and creating something beautiful and striking to look at that will last a lifetime.

~ Anna C. Photography